Asai Marking System Corporation
Based on film product line of, our business has been focusing on the product and the offer of the installation technology.
Film graphics business
For car, a bus, a railroad, a plane, an escalator, outdoor advertising,
we offer a high-quality film wrapping and marking.
Wrap Advertising
Fleet Marking System
Escalator Advertising
Environmental gorgeous wrapping
Car Care
Function film business for window glass
Just pasting a film on windowpane contributes to environmental improvement and cost reduction, and it is the product corresponding to the earth and natural environment, which leads to an earthquake and safety measures.
Window File/Sun Control Window Films
3M Scotchtint/
Digital Signage business
By such as rear projection film, we have enabled to show how unique content that cannot be considered in the conventional monitor.
3M Rear Projection Film
3M Vikuiti/Our rear projection film is 3M Vikuiti.
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