Asai Marking System Corporation

The Asai Marking System (AMS) produces, installs, and manages a wide range of traffic advertisements (vehicle wrapping)in various fields such as a commercial vehicle, a truck, a bus (vehicle wrapping), a railroad, an airplane (body marking) as a professional company of vehicle marking body wrapping.
Taking advantage of its know-how in recent years, we are also working on an Escalator advertisement, Landscape wrapping, earthquake and security measures.

Film Graphics
Wrap Advertising/ラッピング広告
It is very useful advertising means to utilize a commercial vehicle, a truck, a bus, a train, an airplane as " moving advertising media ".
Fleet Marking System/フリートマーキングシステム
The fleet marking system is advertisement development by the marking film through the medium of bodies such as a commercial vehicle, the truck.
Escalator Advertising/エスカレーター広告
It is novel graphics to stick a special film on a handrail and the step of the escalator with a moving escalator.
Landscape Wrapping/景観ラッピング
Other than signboards seen in the city, the walls of a building and buildings, ground equipment by non-utility poles, all of them can be effectively used as an information dispatch space.
Car Care/カーケア
A way of enjoying is possible to change the coloring of the entire car, to dress up temporarily to suit a feeling or an event.
AMS Eco-Film
Window Film/ガラス用日照調整フィルム
By pasting a "solar control film" on the window glass, the infrared rays, the main cause of increasing the room temperature can be cut, which can make a comfortable space.
AMS Eco-Film
3M Rear Projection Film/3M リアプロジェクションフィルム
It is possible to project an image with a projector to the film cut in a free shape, which enables the visual production with a lot of impact.